F5J Thermal Soaring Belgium

F5J Thermal Soaring Belgium

F5J Eurotour Osnabrück

ContestsPosted by Günther J.H. Cuypers Mon, May 16, 2016 11:28:50
Small contest report from Germany Friedensreiter Cup 2016 near Osnabrück.
Arrival on friday 13th may in sunny conditions 26°C

Competitors Belgium: Paul Van de Water en Günther Cuypers

After talking with contest director Jürgen Reinecke we explore the area and socialising with the other pilots.
Leaving to the Hotel for diner and afterwards some drinks and food at local Turkish restaurant.
The hotel catering prepared a breakfast for us that we coud take to the airport.
Briefing on saturday @ 8.30h and with opening words from the local mayor.

Contest starts in windy conditions. Wind guts between 5 and 10m/s whole day.
Some rain showers on saturday and the wind become worse.

Saturday we flown 4 preliminary rounds and no new round was start after 18.30h
The weather forecast for sunday was even worse than saturday and we wil fly only round 5.

After a hard contest day we get back in the hotel and joining again the Turkish restaurant with excellent food and service.
Afterwards we get stuck in the hotel bar for some drinks :-)

Sunday morning cold weather 5°C and cold wind.
Preparing models and waiting for the briefing.

Summary of this competition. Good organised by Jürgen Reinecke and the local club DO-X from Osnabrück.
Thanks to the timekeepers they did this job for the first time.
It was a fair competition, some problems with die hard pilots but the CD managed everything.

Looking forward to next year .......

Paul & Günther

Results: Preliminary rounds - Fly - Off

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